These are IV Injectables

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Myers (Overall Wellness)

Immune system strengthening, anti-aging, optimal athletic performance and recovery, metabolism, hangover and headache relief, cold and flu symptoms, chronic fatigue, brain fog

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Ascorbic Acid

Important in building collagen; protect from cell damage; important for skin, teeth, bone, cartilage, and vascular walls



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Glutathione (Master Antioxidant)

Boosts energy, anti aging, detoxify and improve athleticism; turns carbs into energy decrease accumulation of fat; skin lightening



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Boost (Get Up and Go)

Burn fat, feel energized and boost your metabolism; help relieve jet lag, replenish fatigue and stress from wear and tear of travel and life

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Enhance/Recovery and Performance

Decrease recovery time and enhance your performance


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Be Well (Immunity)

Boost your immune system, feel better faster



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Normal Saline Hydrate

Fluid electrolytes and essential components of blood volume. Rehydrate and flush lactic acid

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         Quench (Rehydrate)

         Hydrate and combat fatigue


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Relief (Alleviate/PMS Relief)

Minimize bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort ALLEVIATE and lower back pain

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Glow (Inner Beauty)

Fight acne, wrinkles and tired skin from the inside out

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Reboost (Relief)

Ease hangover headache, nausea and dehydration

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Detox/Metabolism Boost (MAH)



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Anti Aging, improve mental clarity, improve alertness, improve concentration & memory, improve athletic endurance, reverse the symptoms of chronic fatigue replenishes brain nutrients that have ben depleted by substance abuse or damaged cels, increase Telomeres, infuses the body with key nutrients to energize, detox and aid the body in all its energy requirements, helps prevent and alleviate mitochondrial dysfunction. Is essential for cellular repair, energy production and overall improve resting and total metabolic rate

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