Ozone and NAD

NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a coenzyme which aids in cellular function to maintain life’s threshold, it supports the body’s metabolism. It helps fuel the cells in order to use oxygen needed to function. As we age the number of NAD present in the body begins to decline. Premature aging symptoms can occur due to an insufficient level of NAD, this also can cause chronic illnesses. Symptoms of brain fog, low energy level, mood disorder and low level of enthusiasm could be a result of declining NAD levels. If these levels continue to decline your body will start to malfunction and lose their ability to perform necessary tasks.  When cells lose their ability to produce energy they die. Think of it as holding your breath and slowly dying as your low oxygen supply results in a hypoxic state. This occurs in systems in our body like the heart and is called a heart attack. In the brain it’s labeled a stroke. In the global body systems it is death. If our cells fail to function well, then our DNA fails to replicate properly thereby creating conditions such as cancer, mental disorders, autoimmune diseases among many other emerging illnesses.


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what is ozone?

This brings us to the science of Ozone. Ozone is a threesome oxygen molecule (O3) that very much prefers to be separated. This makes it very unstable and always looking for reasons to depart its threesome. But this is also a reason this molecule, which occurs naturally in the atmosphere, works so elegantly to mitigate disease and aging. Ozone reacts with lipids and amino acids in the body to produce peroxides, which is the primary mechanism by which Ozone exerts itself to increase cell oxygen use and regulate the immune system. In its own unique way Ozone acts as both an oxidant and an immune system booster. Ozone optimizes this NAD/NADH system to improve how the body functions. In summary when your metabolic rate decreases (NAD levels), metabolic processes decline. These processes include oxygen utilization (different from oxygen inhalation), immune system function, DNA replication and energy production. Ozone helps increase these metabolic processes while providing modulation of the immune system to help us fight diseases. In this way it helps cellular rejuvenation, decreases degeneration of body systems, and exerts its anti-aging effects.